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Description:   Math.NET aims to provide a self contained clean framework for symbolic mathematical (Computer Algebra System) and numerical/scientific computations, including a parser and support for linear algebra, complex differential analysis, system solving and more

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Math Trainer Math Trainer trains your brain by creating easy calculus problems in variable difficultly for you. this projects also contains various other tools related to mathematical topics.

OpenAl.Net OpenAl.Net is an easy to understand object oriented Wrapper of the Tao.OpenAl Wrapper; allowing 3D Audio to be played in any .Net application.

OpenContacts.NET OpenContacts.NET is open-source library for importing contacts from popular web-mail services. Now supports: GMail, Yahoo! Mail, Live (Hotmail).

PHP Net Toolpack You all know those little net tools like finger, traceroute etc. They have many similarities in functionality and would benefit from having common interface, to my knowledge there has been none, until now.. or atleast soon :-)

Pico .NET Driver Imports Portable .NET driver imports for Pico USB oscilloscopes and data loggers.Verified to be working under Windows and several Linux distributions.

Please visit This has evolved into GreenUML. See This package is 100% pure Java(tm) designed for use with a 1.3 or better JRE. The package implements a Swing component that enables the creation of many types of diagram, flowcharts or similar tool

QooxDootNET ASP.NET UI AJAX Framework QooxDootNET ASP.NET RIA AJAX Framework with full state support, GUI Design support, databinding, GUI set based on QooxDoo

Simple Math Parser A simple but effective parser for mathematical function that produces a tree to represent them. Parsing of math functions in a java like syntax

.NET MockObjects The .NET Mock Objects project is a .NET framework whose goal is to facilitate developing unit tests in the mock object style.

.NET OAI Harvester oai.dll is an open-source .NET implementation of an OAI Harvester. The library has built-in support for Dublin Core, but can accept custom handlers to support other schemas. oai.dll is compatible with .NET 1.1 and MONO 1.0 runtimes.

Math tests for 5-8 aged children KidMath is math test generator for 5-8 aged children. It contains 5 levels of generated tests: plus only, plus and minus without negative result, plus and minus with negative result, multiplication, division. It saves time of parents.

MathBrowser The goal is to provide a web browser for researchers, in particular in maths. For now and for example, when you perform a search on Arxiv and click on the pdf version of an article, the application check if this article already exists locally and ...

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